What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?

What exactly is this?

If we split down the three words:

Cognition is the way we percieve and think about ourselves, other people and the world.

Behaviour is the way we react and respond  to what we perceive and think.

Therapy is coaching and other counselling methods for changing the perception and behaviour.

Therapy can be based upon just cognition or just behaviour, but working on both cognition and behaviour through various self analysis and other tools, allows for the process of positive change to begin by changing the way you think and what you then do as a result. CBT techniques can give you strategies and goals to help you in the here and now.

However, apart from strategies for coping and for change, self analysis starts to bring about reflection and self awareness.  It can also begin to open up areas of emotional turmoil which may have been supressed or denied. Working together then, with emotional therapy techniques, these emotions can be acknowledged and given expression and you will come to understand how these beliefs have resulted in such emotions, which need to be healed to enable personal growth.

CBT can be particularly helpful for:

panic attacks
Post traumatic stress disorder
anger management

I always look to heal the underlying emotional wounds driving a person to think and behave in the way that they do.  Therefore my approach will always be integrative with Emotional Therapy.